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Importance of Maqam e Ibrahim

Islamic Travel affordable 5-star hajj and umrah like Ramadan Umrah packages with the group with hotel and flight are available for the Muslims who are planning to perform the sacred pilgrimage. Here is an article on the importance of Maqam e Ibrahim offered by Islamic travel. Maqam-e-Ibrahim is also called the Station of Ibrahim A.S. It is the huge stone square on which Hazrat Ibrahim A.S stood while building the upper wall of the Heavenly Kaaba. It is accepted that this stone was sent from paradise to Hazrat Ibrahim A.S alongside three different stones. The black Stone, also known as Hijra e Aswad, the children of Israel, and the third, Maqam e Ibrahim.

The square was moved further when the development of one section was finished and thusly, all the upper part of Kaaba was built. At the point when the development was finished, the square was left there on the eastern side of the Blessed Kaaba. One of the miracles of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, that a considerable lot of us may be ignorant of, is that when He remained on that stone. It turned out to be soft and his feet lest impression into the stone which brought about establishing the connection of his feet on the stone. After a long time, those impressions are still on that stone.

Maqam e Ibrahim is now located where Prophet Ibrahim A.S delivered two Rakats supplications after finishing the construction of the sacred Kaaba. Maqam is an Arabic word which implies, a spot or point where the two feet of an individual are arranged while standing. During the development of the upper level of the Kaaba, Prophet Ibrahim remained upon a broad stone which was moved alongside him as every area was done. At the point when the Kaaba was built, the broad stone was left outside the Kaaba, close toward the eastern wall. 

Astonishing Realities of Maqam-E-Ibrahim.

  1. The tallness of Maqam-e-Ibrahim is 20 centimeters, the profundity of one impression is 10 centimeters and the second is 9 centimeters.  
  2. Today, the Maqam Ibrahim is found before the doorway of the Kaaba.
  3. One of the astonishing realities was that the stone he remained upon while building the Kaaba, was changed into a soft and fragile piece into which his feet sank. So, one can see the impressions of His feet on that stone. However, after numerous hundred years, impressions are there on stone situated at the eastern side of Kaaba.
  4. The spot it stands today is where Prophet Ibrahim offered two Rakats supplications after the fulfillment of the development of the Kaaba.
  5. During Umar ibn Al-Khattab's rule, he moved the spot and moved the Maqam more towards the east. So, the people who attempt to perform Tawaf can perform it advantageously, without standing out for people who supplicate in the wake of finishing their Tawaf close to Maqam Ibrahim.
  6. Allah told Muslims to pray close to Maqam Ibrahim.
  7. This stone was sent from paradise to Prophet Ibrahim alongside 2 additional stones. One being Hajra Aswad, and the second is the stone of children of Israel.
  8. Maqam Ibrahim has stayed protected and ensured even after such countless years. The continuation and security of this stone from the beginning of time against strong enemies is a standout among Allah's wonders.


 Hajj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage performed in the month of Dhul-Hajj. Each year Muslims around the world visit Makkah for Hajj. The accomplishment of Hajj brings us enormous rewards. There is a specific time to perform this holy practice. Hajj provides us a golden chance to attain the closeness of Allah. Hajj pilgrimage takes us around 5 days. This holy journey starts on the 8th Dhul hajj and ends on the 12th Dhull hajj. Tamattu, Ifraad and, Qiran are three kinds of Hajj. Visit this holy place We will guide you to the Hajj Tamattu, which our beloved Prophet wanted his followers to perform. Pilgrims are accomplishing their holy journey through cheap Umrah packages 2023 this year.

It is necessary to make intention with a pure heart. Before you start your holy pilgrimage. The intention must be made only for Allah nor for anyone else. We should accomplish our Hajj journey to make progress in this world and hereafter. There are the following rites of Hajj if we skip any of them. Our Hajj will be invalid.

Wearing of Ihram:

Ihram is the spiritual state you must enter before you start your holy pilgrimage. When millions of Muslims gather at Makkah. There is no apparent difference between pilgrims in the view of Allah. The rules of wearing Ihram are simple. But these principles must be obeyed. Without the intention of Ihram, our Hajj will be invalid.

Ihram consists of two pieces of white clothes. The upper Ihram is known as Rida. While the lower one is known as Izar. This is for men, while the women can wear their ordinary clothes. It is not permissible to cover the face and hand for Women. We should also abstain from some things in the state of Ihram. These things are combing Hair, using any scented soap, cutting nails, etc. These things are not permitted in the state of Ihram.


Tawaf is the circumambulation on the Holy Kaaba. This circulation consists of seven rounds of Kaaba in the anti-clockwise direction. One Tawaf consists of seven rounds around the holy Kaaba. Each round starts from the black stone and also ends of this place. It is compulsory to finish the first three rounds rapidly for men. This is a Sunnah act known as Ramal. While the rest of the rounds can be completed politely.

The women can complete their Tawaf politely. After the Tawaf, you have to go to Ibrahim station to offer Rakaats from surah alkafirun and from surah al ikhlass. After this, Tawaf is over. You can go ahead for Sa’I.


After finishing the Tawaf, you will perform what’s known as Sa’I. Which is walking and running between Safa and Marwa mounts. The accomplishment of this rite consists of seven rounds between Safa and Marwa. There is a condition for men that they have to run from the green pillars to the next green pillars. This condition is only for men. While the women can complete these rounds between Safa and Marwa politely. Once you have completed the seven rounds between Safa and Marwa mounts your Sa’I will be over.

This rite is a great monument of Hazrat Ibrahim’s AS wife and his son. This rite is performed in the memory of Hazrat Hajar's struggle for water.

Arriving at Mina:

Once you have arrived at mina offer prayers there. You will offer prayers of dhur, asr, maghrib isha, and fajr. You have to spend a day at Mina. At night recite the holy Quran and make your night special. It is an important time for spiritual satisfaction and for devotion. After spending a night at Mina, you will move to your next destination.

Towards Arfat:

This place possesses great importance in Islam. As our beloved Prophet delivered his last sermon there. After spending a night at Mina pilgrims head towards Arfat. The day of Arafat possesses great importance. On this day, Allah Almighty completed and perfected his religion upon Muhammad SAW. Pilgrims offer the prayers of asr and dhur on the plains of Arafat. Hazrat Adam and Eve both also meet at this place. 

Towards Muzdaliph:

After the sunset, you will head towards Muzdaliph. This is an open and plain between Mina and Arafat in Makkah. You will have to spend a night under the sky at Muzdaliph. It is also necessary to gather the stones to toss the Satan. This is performed in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Ismael SAW.

Stoning of Jamrat:

Pilgrims gather stones from Mudaliph and head back towards Mina. There they toss these gathered stones to three pillars. Pilgrims consider these three pillars as Satan. This act is performed in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim AS and his son Ismael. The act of throwing stones at pillars is known as Rami.

Sacrificing of Animals:

This is another rite of performing Hajj. Please remember that if you skip any of the rites. Your hajj journey will be invalid. After performing Qurbani men has to trim their hair. Our beloved Prophet also shaved his hair and this is preferable. While the women have to trim their hair by the length of a fingertip. 

After this, you can wear your ordinary clothes. Your holy journey is accomplished according to the Suannah

How much spending money do you need for Hajj?

The accomplishment of the holy act of Hajj is the desire of every Muslim. Hajj is the major pilgrimage and is performed annually in Dhul-Hajj. This holy act of worship brings us enormous rewards. Every Muslim desire to perform the Hajj pilgrimage once in their lifetime. We just cannot attain the closeness of Allah Almighty. We can also get salvation by this holy act of worship. Many Muslims perform this holy journey through cheap Hajj packages by professional Hajj and Umrah travel agents and get enormous rewards.

Hajj pilgrimage is performed in the holy month of Dhul-Hajj. The practice of this holy act is compulsory on every Muslim who possesses the potential to bear its expense. In addition, his absence won’t affect his family badly.

This holy pilgrimage takes about 5 days for its accomplishment. Hajj pilgrimage due to the great rush of pilgrims become a little expensive. The owner of the resturants and, hotels and transportation raise their prices. The pilgrims have to spend a handsome amount for the accomplishment of this journey.

This holy pilgrimage is coming in the next year. The pilgrims are frequently asking that “How much spending money do you need for Hajj” answer to this fascinating question is on-demand. In this wonderful post, we will try to discover the answer to this question.

The price of your package or your expense depends on facilities, region of applying and, the package you are choosing. The expense of your package depends on these factors. Hajj pilgrimage is cheap for Saudi residents or countrymen. But the average cost of this pilgrimage is about 5k£ from the UK. This price tag may change within your region of applying for it.

There are some rules that you also have to consider prior to setting for your journey. These rules are issued by the Saudi Hajj ministry. The foremost rule or principle is the booking from an authorized travel agency.

The Travel agencies will provide you with packages with different sorts of facilities. The more luxurious facilities you will avail. The more the package will become expensive. These companies will provide you with all the facilities in a single package at an affordable rate.

If you are looking for special facilities then try to book from a reliable travel agency. Because some fraud companies cheat the pilgrims in this regard. Don’t fall prey to these companies be careful. If you will accomplish your holy journey along with basic facilities. This will cost you around 5k£.

Sometimes the Saudi Hajj ministry cut short the visa’s from a particular region. This way the rest of the pilgrims have to pay more charges for this holy journey and that is obvious. This causes in raising the prices of Hajj packages from that certain region.

This will cost you around 5K£ from the UK. This price difference may vary in respect to the facilities that you are having. This is also necessary to consider making a budget for your journey. This way you can easily keep on track with all of your expenses. The main point of this article is that you have to spend at least 5K£. I think all of your doubts and misconceptions are clear regarding how much spending money do you need for Hajj. 

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